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Gunpoint Demo

So, Gunpoint is, like, a game and in it you’re, like, a spy or something. Ah, screw it, I’ll let the developer explain it.


3. When you tackle security guards to the ground, if you click you can slap them unconscious, and once they’re unconscious you can continue slapping them, forever and ever. I’m pretty sure I left half of their faces looking like post-processed pink chicken nugget sludge. I couldn’t actually see due to the side-scrolling nature, but that’s really something that’s been missing in my stealth games as of late.

Three Things I Learned While Playing the Gunpoint Demo

2. I would make a terrible spy. Trying to jump across a brightly lit room only to be shot by a security guard; accidentally breaking a plate glass window trying to pull some Mission Impossible sticky glove infiltration and being shot by a security guard; trying to blend in with the cleaning crew by ignoring the security guards and being shot by them. The cards seem to be stacked against me when it comes to espionage.

1. Goats have rectangular pupils so that they can watch over a broad area for predators while grazing. That has nothing to do with Gunpoint, and thankfully you wont need rectangular pupils to check out all the stuff that’s been posted about this little indie project over on the official site at

There isn’t a whole lot of stuff  to do in the Gunpoint demo, as is common with these sorts of articles. It’s mostly just a few introductory stages that get you used to at least a few of the mechanics. Gunpoint is going all-out on a full release, both DRM-free from the site or on Steam in price points of 10, 15, and 30 dollars depending on how much stuff you want to get your hands on. It seems like a really cool idea so long as you’re into side-scrolling, stealth, and hacking. As far as I know it’s only going to be a PC release, but I’m willing to bet if some of you rich folk show the love with your dollar bills there’ll be all sorts of stuff in the future (I actually have no idea please don’t take that as a promise of anything).


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