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The PlayStation 4 Was More Exciting After It’s E3 Press Conference Than It Is Now

It’s happening guys! We are just a few days away from the arrival of the next gen consoles. But before that happens let’s go back a little bit. Remember how excited we all were for the PlayStation 4 after Sony’s E3 press conference? For a little while it seemed like Sony was doing everything right and Microsoft was doing everything wrong. But now, on the eve of the new consoles I’d argue things have changed a bit. I decided to go back and look at some of the things we were excited for immediately after the conference, and compare our hopes at the time to how things actually turned out.

PlayStation 4 Will Play Used Games!

I’m starting with this one because it was a huge deal at the time, even if it doesn’t really matter now. I don’t remember how many details we actually knew about Microsoft’s anti used game policy at the time of Sony’s E3 conference. But we knew the Xbox One wouldn’t allow used games and at the time we weren’t sure whether Sony would allow them or not.

The whiny gamers of the internet were furious that they couldn’t trade in their Xbox One games, or buy used games. The ability to support GameStop and save $10 on a used game was just more important to a lot of people than supporting developers and publishers. So everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what, if anything Sony would officially say on the subject.

It was a sad state of affairs when Sony announced that there would be no restrictions on used games. This announcement gave Sony their biggest applause of the night. Not a game, not anything to do with their new console actually doing something we could enjoy. Just the ability to save a few bucks by cutting out content creators.

As much as I think this was Sony essentially low balling the industry, it was a smart move on their part. It did put their PS4 on top of the Xbox One in the minds of a lot of people. But it ultimately didn’t matter. It wasn’t too long before Microsoft decided to allow used games as well. Effectively making it an even playing field in that regard. Losing this advantage was a big deal for a lot of people. All the Microsoft fans who were boycotting the Xbox One over this used games thing became able to go back to their Xbox.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is going multi console

The main series of Kingdom Hearts games have always been PlayStation exclusives. Only random spin off games have appeared on other systems, and even those haven’t gone to a Microsoft system. This fact, combined with the fact that the long awaited sequel was announced at Sony’s press conference made almost all of us think it would logically be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

For many hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans that was enough. They had already waited almost 7 years since Kingdom Hearts II, now they had to choose the PlayStation 4. But the day after the conference it became public knowledge that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be coming to the Xbox One as well. Now Sony didn’t have a solid reason for this hardcore fan base to go with their console.

Drive Club, A First Party Exclusive Will Be Free At Launch With PlayStation Plus

Drive Club was supposed to Sony’s amazing, new next gen racer. Their answer to Microsoft’s new Forza. Sony was even going to give it to people for free at launch as long as they have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Whether you care about racing games or not you have to admit this was a good deal. Microsoft wasn’t going to be essentially giving away one of their flagship launch titles.

But it just wasn’t meant to be. Sony delayed Drive Club. No more high profile basically free launch title for people who buy a PlayStation 4, even if we weren’t 100% sure what they meant by “PS+” edition. Sony also didn’t want to replace Drive Club with another one of their 1st party options. I’m sure folks would have been ecstatic if Killzone or even Knack took the game’s place. But no, we get cheap indies instead.

Indies, Indies Everywhere

Sony of indie games on the PlayStation 4. A lot of people act like indie automatically equals quality, and were very excited about this. This actually hasn’t changed, the perception of it has a little bit.

Immediately after the press conference a lot of people’s reaction was something along the lines of “Sony is doing such a good job attracting indie devs”. But with the delay of Drive Club and Watch Dogs (maybe the biggest blow to next gen) some of the attitude towards the indies has changed. For a few people the opinion is now “I don’t care about all these indies, where are all my AAA next gen PS4 games?” People don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to play little indie titles. They want huge, big expensive AAA experiences, and at launch the Xbox One is more prepared to do that.

Before the comments start coming in saying I’m just a trolling Xbox fanboy, I’m really not. I don’t own a single Microsoft console, and have every Song console. Even a Vita. I was super excited for the PlayStation 4 after the E3 press conference, but now we are so close to release and I don’t think it is exiting as it was. It will be interesting to see how this generation will turn out. What are your thoughts and/or predictions? Feel free to comment below.


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