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Metal Gear Rising is a Fall From Grace –

No matter how you slice it, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a game based off a gimmick. Raiden can slow down time and precisely slice enemies, trees, and anything else that gets in his way. However, the whole idea feels more like a proof of concept than a fun gaming mechanic. After doing it a few times in a row, the slicing felt more like a chore than anything entertaining.

While it’s refreshing to have a mechanic that allows more precise interactions with the environment, it’s also clear that the technology may not be ready for it. Sliced objects look artificial and the innards are often jarringly un-detailed.

Metal Gear Rising is a Fall From Grace

On the plus side, Platinum’s trademark of flashy over-the-top action is very prominent here. The boss designs are top-notch and the cutscenes are wild and just lots of fun to watch. With that said, prepare for some awkward and cheesy dialogue.

It’s clear that Metal Gear Rising is nothing like the other Metal Gear games. If anything, this feels like a blade version of Vanquish, over-the-top fun that doesn’t strive to be much more.


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