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Odyssey Found? – Part 2 –

Late to the party on finishing Lost Odyssey, I’ve decided to chronicle my adventure through each disc of the game. Kaim’s struggle resonates with me strongly and I’m hoping to figure out some lingering questions about my life by defeating this game.

This blog is entry 2 in a series of 4. After I complete each disc, I will give my reaction to its specific content. Think of this as an extended review or analysis.

Odyssey Found?   Part 2

Our past holds many triumphs and hardships, but failing to retain those memories will only lead to repeated failure. Disc 2 of Lost Odyssey makes its message very clear: always remember the past. Keeping remembrance in your heart will only lead to a better future.

That’s not to say that one should dwell on the negativity, but never forget those feelings. The sadness and crippling anxiety that come from the death of a love one; the embarrassment brought on by saying something stupid in school.

Any little event that may be insignificant holds some power to teach. Without mistakes, one cannot ever hope to grow. Without remembering mistakes, though, one will certainly be cursed to repeat them. This is what the main villain of Lost Odyssey hoped to achieve.

Gongora, a sorcerer of unspeakable power, had wiped the memories of the immortal beings in an attempt to contain their power. Without remembrance, what damage could they do? To keep them in check, he hired a lackey to erase their minds when the time came.

An immortal without a past is essentially a dead man. Emotions mean nothing and killing seems so simple. Loved ones will fade into darkness and there won’t be a thing you can do. All of those techniques you acquired have vanished and left you an empty shell.

Gongora’s power was not strong enough. Kaim and his friend Seth slowly regain their pasts during the events of Disc 2. Stories come back that all relate to cherishing the past and keeping the traditional alive. The future will be taught from the mistakes made prior.

One particular story struck a delicate chord for me; the story of an old man spending his entire life making shoes. Nothing in life mattered after he lost his legs, but Kaim gave me a pair of shoes to fix. This sparked joy in the man’s heart and gave his frail existence a purpose.

Odyssey Found?   Part 2

He would never be able to travel the world, but the shoes were like children to him. He loved and cared for them and the comfort exhibited by them was noticed by everyone. Once people bought a pair from this man, they could never settle for anything less.

The man never really developed social skills, but his craft was refined to the point of perfection. While he could not recall the many faces that came into his life, Kaim was an exception. He starts by giving the usual discussion of purpose, but when he finally catches a glimpse of Kaim’s face, he remembers it all.

The power of remembrance stuck with him. If he lost his meaning along the journey, would the shoes still retain their quality? The smiles of people did not even matter to him; he simply wished to craft shoes.

That kind of purpose is a thing I lack in my life. I remember most of the pain and suffering that I’ve caused and has been inflicted upon me, but I still have no reason to live. My skills have grown stagnant and my passion has faded. My exuberance is a mere dream.

When I harken back to the death of my aunt, my eyes swell and I lose hope. That pain usually drives me forward. Without the memory of her, I honestly would have no reason to continue.

Using that pain and reading this story, I see that even people with nothing can build aspirations. Why give up when you’ve lost your legs? Life isn’t over until you say so, dammit! I just need the strength of this old man.

Disc 2 does more than focus on Kaim. His compatriot, Seth Balmore, is also given some detail. Her dreams deal with isolation and solitude. Being that she was a pirate, getting captured was a frequent occurrence to her. She never expected to be locked in a pitch black cave.

When one is immortal, waiting for death is not an option. You simply have to exist. Humans have the option of death to look forward to. After our strings of life are cut, we get to move on from this world.

Seth cannot. Scream and cry as she might, there will be no ending to her suffering. Agony is her only friend. A winged creature comes to her rescue in a miraculous fashion and that restores her hope. She remembers for the rest of her days how much this beast means to her.

Odyssey Found?   Part 2

Gongora later controls that beast and uses him to take Seth’s son away from this world. With the beast attacking, Seth has no option but to retaliate. The buildup of agitation and misery are things she uses to hunt down Gongora. She will never cease remembering.

The idea of remembrance also extends to one of the puzzles in the game. A haunted house gives you the goal of finding some plates and assembling them in the proper position. The original combination is present in only one room and you must remember the precise location.

Better yet, the area where you drop the plates is tilted, so you really have to strain your brain to figure out placement. It nicely sums up the theme of Disc 2. Without remembrance, you will be lost. Your life will be for naught and your future actions will never increase in prowess.

As I continue my travels with Kaim, I find myself growing sadder. I’m sad that this game has to end. I’m sad that Kaim and Seth will never know the eternal bliss of death. I’m mainly reminded, however, that I possess no positive memories of my aunt.

Her funeral is plastered in my mind, but I cannot recall any moment from my childhood where I laughed with her. I never spent a day apart from my mother in youth and now it’s beginning to take a toll on me. Recalling memories is not easy, but I could be cursed with simply losing my past.

Whatever the case, Lost Odyssey is definitely not a game for carefree and cheerful people. The ideas brought up will teach them to never take advantage of their position in life, but I would hate for any bright-faced individual to get sucked into turmoil.

Odyssey Found?   Part 2

Hopefully Kaim will change that on the next disc. He and I both need it.


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