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Roughly 4 and a Half Minutes with the Resident Evil: Revelations Demo –

Pull up a chair, kick off your socks, and load up that new demo for the 3DS-turned-everything game, Resident Evil: Revelations. Needless to say as it can be finished in under 5 minutes, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about that’s specific to the demo, aside from the fact that it runs well and looks pretty good for a 3DS game that got a visual overhaul to distract people from the fact that it still plays like a Resident Evil game. IE, shooting dudes seems to feel like you’re trying to perform a vasectomy with a bag of hammers and it’s about as spooky as chasing after your dog while clapping shoes together with the theme from Halloween playing in the background.

The actual meat of the demo itself is just a few hallway sections where you shoot a few dudes that look like concept art of the Amnesia monster, scan some dead dominatrix lady with your thingymabob to uncover a magical hidden key, then open doors with a couple herbs thrown in there just in case you forgot it was Resident Evil. I’m being unfairly mean here, hoping for the best once I get my hands on the whole game. I’m sure I’ll be taking a look at the entire game once it’s fully released here in the next week or so. Also,  it’s totally neat that they’re doing a Wii U release. More companies should do that.


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