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10 Better Game-To-Film Franchise Choices Than Need For Speed –

Did you hear? DreamWorks Studios recently acquired the rights to create a Need For Speedmovie. Despite that franchise always being at the pinnacle of storytelling ([insert obligatory parenthetical statement to ensure my sarcasm is evident via text alone]), I’d wager than I, a lowly Midwesterner who is certainly not in the Hollywood scene, could think up 10 gaming franchises that would make a better jump to film than Need For Speed. Hell, I bet I could even tag on a single-sentence statement to each that would be more enticing than this expected The Fast and the Furious clone.

You doubt? Well, hear me out. Understandably, the obvious ones come first.

  1. Metal Gear Solid — Solid Snake is a ruggedly handsome stealth operative badass who is sneaking through a seemingly-simple mission objective when snarled up in international conspiracies with military groups hellbent on world domination via advanced warfare technologies.
  2. BioShock — Andrew Ryan’s secret underwater supposed-utopia begins to tumble when a growing group rebels against his ironically controlling commands (advent of ADAM & splicing left out to enhance believability and broaden appeal).
  3. Uncharted — Think the Indiana Jones trilogy (when it was still a trilogy), only with more wit, less whip, double-crossing, and someone sexier than nearly-age-70 Harrison Ford.
  4. Metroid — A modern Aliens as it should be, with a futuristic female bounty hunter exploring a distress signal in the far reaches of space and discovering something menacing that obliterated a past people, only to be awoken again with the landing of her ship.
  5. Castlevania — Beginning with little backstory at the entrance to an enormous castle, our unnamed vampire hunter sets out on his continuous climb to slay Dracula, burdened with hoards of hideous creatures throughout the journey (serious tone, with no dialogue until the final confrontation).
  6. Portal – Waking to a mechanical voice urging her to get up, our mysterious amnesiac Chell picks up a Portal Gun to solve physics-defying puzzles like a rat in a maze, but soon breaks away from the established environment to fight for her freedom, revealing the menacing mysteries of Aperture Science along the way.
  7. Mega Man — After a short opening of a boy falling victim to an act of explosive terrorism, Dr. Light saves his life with robotics and creates Mega Man in the process, a cyborg who now uses his newfound powers to eradicate all acts of crime (perhaps anIron Man with a main character more relatable for younger crowds).
  8. Borderlands — In what is perhaps the very first cel-shaded feature film, four like-minded ruffians arrive on Pandora separately in search of whatever riches lie within The Vault, teaming up only when overpowered by the insane locals that inhabit the expanse of the foreign planet (an adult-themed 3D animated movie).
  9. Heavy Rain — A story that doesn’t deviate from the most interesting paths within the game, but without any annoying quick time events and motion controls.
  10. Burnout — An art house short film encompassing sixteen super-slow motion minutes of the most spectacular and intricate car crash you’ve ever seen.

That’s ten down, and I’ve barely tapped the surface. Play along in the comments below with your own short pitch and show the world that almost anything is better than Need For Speed.



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