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– The Wonder Trade Experiment

Out of those initial 23 wonder trades none of these Pokemon particularly stand out as great. But that being said I did keep 13 of the 23 Pokemon. Either because I didn’t have the Pokemon yet or could fine some use for them. This left me with 10 Pokemon I had no use for. So I decided to throw them back into the Wonder Trade system. I decided I would keep throwing these Pokemon back into Wonder Trade until I got something useful. This led to another 30 wonder trades before I was all said and done…

Flabebe       Lv. 8 <—-> Bulbasaur Lv. 1
Scatterbug Lv. 3  <—-> Litwicck Lv. 3
Scatterbug Lv. 3  <—-> Espurr Lv. 11
Noibat         Lv.1 <—->Froakie Lv. 1
Flabebe      Lv. 14 <—->Quagsire Lv. 32
Honedge    Lv. 14 <—->Caterpie Lv. 2
Farfetch’d  Lv. 10 <—->Furfrou Lv. 9
Floatzel      Lv. 52 <—->Gulpiv Lv. 5
Mareep      Lv. 13 <—->Weedle Lv. 3
Pansear     Lv. 4 <—->Fletchling Lv.2
Weedle       Lv. 2 <—->Jigglypuff Lv. 49
Fletchling  Lv. 4 <—-> Panpour Lv. 4
Espurr       Lv. 12 <—-> Furfrou Lv. 11
Froakie     Lv. 1 <—-> Luvdisc Lv. 15
Quagsire   Lv. 31 <—-> Weedle Lv. 3
Gulpin       Lv. 12 <—-> Aerodactyl Lv. 1
Furfrou     Lv. 8 <—-> Honedge Lv. 12
Jigglypuff Lv. 50 <—-> Abra Lv. 1
Pasnpur    Lv. 4 <—-> Eevee Lv. 1
Furfrou     Lv. 11 <—-> Cubone Lv. 16
Luvdisc    Lv. 15 <—-> Pansear Lv. 4
Weedle     Lv. 3 <—-> Solosis Lv. 23
Honedge  Lv. 12 <—-> Zubat Lv. 14
Abra         Lv. 1 <—-> Noobat Lv. 1
Solosis     Lv. 27 <—->Bidoof Lv.6
Cubone    Lv.15 <—-> Charmander Lv. 1
Pansear   Lv. 4 <—-> Abra Lv. 1
Noibat     Lv.1 <—-> Rotom Lv. 1
Bidoof     Lv.6 <—-> Froakie Lv.1
Abra        Lv. 1 <—-> Eevee Lv.1

I kind of got this feeling..

I kind of got this feeling..

So there are all 53 of the wonder trades I did. Now to make some sort of random statistics out of it.

The sum level of every Pokemon I sent is 1533, and the sum level of all the Pokemon I received was 519. So that is a difference of a shocking 1014 levels! That is 10 fully trained Pokemon! That being said I’m not really bothered by this. I wasn’t really hoping for powerful Pokemon. I hope my level 51 Scyther that I sent in exchange for a level 9 Pansear went to some kid playing his first Pokemon game. Because I know it would have made my week when I was a kid.

Over half of the Pokemon I received were clearly either caught in the first 2 hours of the game and very common, or were the results of breeding gone wrong sent to be somebody else problem. For the egg Pokemon I guess this is an okay way to dispose of them, better than releasing them. But the common Pokemon everybody sees were annoying to get over and over. That being said though, I did send most of these back into the system. So I’m not helping the problem.

Out of my 53 wonder trades I only got 5 Pokemon that could be considered “rare”. None of them were legendary rare, they were starter Pokemon rare. Which is insanely rare early in the game. But once you start breeding and using the Global Trade System they become fairly easy to get. So I’m not considering this a victory.

Lastly I got 18 Pokemon I hadn’t had before through these wonder trades. That is a new Pokemon in over a third of my trades! This sounds impressive, but it is largely because I hadn’t been making a good effort yet to catch them all. I really doubt I could repeat this.

Overall I have no regrets that I spent this much time with the Wonder Trade. I didn’t really gain anything overly useful, but that is okay. I think Wonder Trade can be fun, but it has a very large lottery component to it. I’ve seen posts about people getting shiny legendary Pokemon through the Wonder Trade. But for every one of those there appears to be hundreds of people sending away rejected babies. I know this is where I will be sending my breeding failures.

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