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Dues Ex: Human Revolution (X360) –

Dues Ex: Human Revolution is a science fiction action role-playing video game, set in a time of revolution between humans and mechanical augmentation.

In Dues Ex: Human Revolution, you play as Adam Jensen, the Chief of Security for Sarif Industries. One of the major corporations who research and accelerate the natural evolution of humans with the help of powerful augmentations that can push a person past their limits. As Sarif Industries is prepping for a National Science Board meeting to discuss the possibility of augmentation technology being regulated and the announcement of a breakthrough that will allow humans to be augmented without anti-rejection drugs. A mere month before the meeting takes place, a devastating attack on Sarif Industries and with Jensen facing mortal wounds that almost kills him, he was saved by the very technology he is hired to protect.

After a long 6 month recovery, and as head of security, Jensen works to track down who is responsible for the attack on Sarif Industries and the loss of his love. This attack just made it personal.

Dues Ex: Human Revolution is a game that is all about the choices you make. One of our favorite aspects of this game is the social interactions that Jensen battles throughout the game. Your given the chance to interact with numerous characters that Jensen faces as he discovers the truth. The great thing about it, you don’t always have to use your gun in order to complete your current mission. You can always take the easier route and talk your way out of it before things get messy.

If it does end up that you have to take the hard way, their are four different techniques in this game: Combat, Stealth, Hacking, and Exploration. This game allows you as the player to choose which technique you want to use, and will reward you no matter which one you choose. If you rather take it slow and sneak around to complete the mission unnoticed or take the fight to your enemies. Either way, you can’t lose!

If your like me, I really gotten into the exploration of the game. Finding every possible way to finish this mission whether is has me to use my hacking skills to get in areas where it requires you to, or just gathering information from just about every computer their is. Doesn’t hurt to read emails or even pocket secretaries, especially when you can just get the unlock codes instead of hacking every time. I do have to mention that the hacking in Duex Ex: Human Revolution is way more advanced than almost any other game I have played before and by deciding to hack, you can get access to new areas, bonus XP, gear, and credit to spend on upgrades. In DE:HR hacking is a combination of chance, risk, and strategy. The goal is to hack your way through a series of nodes to specific nodes that will unlock the system. But beware, with each node you hack there is a chance that the security system will detect your hack attempt and start to hunt you down. Once you are detected you have only a few seconds left to complete the hack, or the security system locks you out and sets off an alarm. Which can end up being very bad when surrounded by multiple guards at once.

The combat in the game is very unique. Since I haven’t played the original Dues Ex game, I started playing this game in the assumption of hand to hand combat clicking multiple buttons rapidly to take down an opponent, well I was wrong. This isn’t entirely a bad thing at all, when sneaking up to an enemy who has their back turned to you. You have two options to kill him or knock them out. Both of these are great option depending on how you choose to complete your mission. I tend to knock them out and hide their bodies in a vent or hidden area. As to oppose to killing them with your weapon, you will alert the enemy.

You have multiple weapon choices at your disposal. Your standard weapons: pistol, revolver, sniper rifle, shotgun, heavy rifle… etc. Throughout the game you can purchase or find upgrades for the weapons: laser sights, extra damage, larger clips, silencers and more. Some of the weapons allow multiples of the same upgrade to be applied to them (like extra damage). My weapon of choice was the tranquilizer gun, which didn’t end up so good for the bad guys.

In Dues Ex: Human Revolution, I find that Eidos Montreal did a very good job with texturing and lighting of the game. The character models did exactly what they were made to do. The rendering of the cities were quite beautiful and overall the game was very shiny.

I really enjoyed playing and deciding to get Dues Ex: Human Revolution. This game really filled the emptiness in a great RPG I was craving to play. The developer, Eidos Montreal really went in making this game worth of being called an RPG.. I would highly recommend you to buy this game, and play it!


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