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Rambo: The Video Game Brings Wrestling Game Hair into the Action Genre –

Forget Rambo for the Commodore 64 and Rambo for the NES, Rambo: The Video Game is here to put all of those confusing naming conventions to rest and get straight to the point. Well, the trailer is anyway.

Developed by Teyon, Rambo: The Video Game sure has a hell of a track record to keep up. Teyon has produced such titles as 101 Pony Pets, Aqua Park Tycoon, KidFit: Island Resort, Cat Frenzy, and Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D. Sweet Jesus, I really need to stop looking at this Wikipedia article.

Could Rambo: The Video Game skyrocket Teyon into the big leagues of the developer hierarchy with Irrational Games, Rockstar, and Naughty Dog? Sure. Will it? Ehh, I hate to be a cynic, but something deep down inside of me is saying either “No” or “Good God, these guys made Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games. What could possibly make you think that this game could ever be even remotely good?” But my inner me is a little bit of a jerk sometimes. Good or bad, whether it wants to or not, Rambo’s budget gaming adventure should at least be entertaining to watch from the outside.


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