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Gamers Association – – Some of the Best Video Game Reboots Of The Last Generations.

In the million-dollar video game industry, success is always the focus. That’s why game studios will often reboot popular titles and franchises, bringing them back to life. While this can sometimes seem like developers are picking at the carcass of a long-dead game, other times they can result in a glorious resurrection.

Here are just five video game reboots of this generation that proved that the best titles never stay away for too long.

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows


This side-scrolling adventure held it’s iconic status for over two decades, before Mercury Stream and Kojima Production teamed up to give it a dramatic overhaul. Plunging back into its 3D vampire slaying roots, Lord of Shadows managed to expand the appeal of the franchise, deepen the narrative and improve upon its combat controls.

Devil May Cry (DMC)

DmC, Devil May Cry, Capcom, Ninja Theory, Hideki Kamiya,

Bringing the hack and slash genre to the PlayStation 2 with unapologetic enthusiasm was the 2001 release of Devil May Cry. After three titles on the PS2, and a rather disappointingly received fourth release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Capcom came out all guns blazing. Focusing on the younger years of protagonist Dante, the game stayed true to the core action that fans loved while adding an original twist that captured new attention.

Fallout 3


Following the threat of developer Interplay’s bankruptcy, the rights of the Fallout game were sold off to Bethesda. It seemed that the game could be doomed to the grave. However, the Elder Scroll creators managed to pull one of the best and most enjoyable reboots out of the bag. The edges were neatened up, the weaponry was given a revamp and the missions had never been more immerse or thought provoking.

Lara Croft


The Lara Croft franchise was a ground breaking addition to the industry, spawning films, merchandise and even a Butlers Bingo game. Eventually though, the architectural adventurer started to feel stagnant and two-dimensional. That’s when Crystal Dynamics stepped up the game, giving it a gritty reboot and exploring the character in more depth. The game received critical acclaim and injected some personality into a much loved classic.

Street Fighter IV


The Street Fighter franchise defined a generation of players, and the release of the newly styled fourth installment was a risky call. The gamble paid off though, and the beloved arcade title got a face lift that helped it triumph once again. The improved controls, bold appearance and online features had gamers everywhere re-igniting their love for the fighting genre.




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