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Gamestop May Have The Best Employees of Anywhere That Sells Video Games

A lot of us seem to hate Gamestop for one reason or another. Whether we don’t like how the employees largely seem like cocky idiots who prey on people who don’t know as much about the industry as us, or how you hate being harassed for pre-ordered every time you’re in the store, it seems like there is always something. Largely I agree with you guys, going to Gamestop can be a borderline miserable experience. But in my travels the past a couple of days I found an example, one glorious example of Gamestop employees doing something better than other places that sell Video Games.

But before I get to what they actually did right, I want to make this painfully clear. I’m not a fan of Gamestop. The pushing for pre-orders or joining their membership club doesn’t really bother me. The awful attitudes just match most comment sections of the internet, so in some weird way I’m used to that; plus I rarely even find myself in the store. I do hate how they handle used games though; I believe it does damage the industry. The whole having a customer buy a game for $60, then they can sell it back for maybe $20 in a week or two, then Gamestop selling it back for $55. With most people not knowing any of the negatives about it, just knowing they can save $5.

I bought Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros from Gamestop yesterday. Before I get into the positive of the experience, here is my conversation with the cashier; he did a couple things I didn’t like, and based on comment sections, I don’t think you guys will like either.


What a deal!


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