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Octodad is Something Different

I remember when I first saw Octodad: Dadliest Catch. It was E3 last year and Sony was making a big deal out of revealing a bunch of indie games at their big, annual E3 press conference. After watching the constant barrage of awesome looking AAA games that were present at Microsoft’s conference earlier in the day I just couldn’t bring myself to care about these little almost unknown studios/games.

Yet I sat there watching. Hoping for it to be kept short so I could be shown a new Uncharted or something. Then something caught my eye. Suddenly there was an octopus in human clothes clumsily walking like a person to a dance floor. He then pushed a button, the lights changed to indicate a dance party and balloons fell from the ceiling. Knowing nothing more than the ridiculous concept for the game I knew I had to get it.

With no release date known at the time; I pretty much forgot about Octodad for awhile, I had other games to play. Then one day I was with my four year old daughter at Target and noticed Octodad was playable on the PlayStation 4 demo unit. I just had to try it. My daughter thought it looked funny and agreed I should give it a go.

The few short gameplay videos I’d seen up to this point didn’t really capture the ridiculousness of actually playing this game. Once you get used to the controls the game becomes manageable. But at first you randomly flail your limbs around like I imagine an octopus on dry land would. I was walking into things, struggling to walk through doors and knocking over almost everything that could move. I was having a real fun time struggling to get Octodad ready for his wedding. But I noticed something else shortly after starting the demo. My daughter was just sitting in the cart laughing and having a great time. She then proceeded to tell me to buy it so she could watch me play it at home. When I told her it wasn’t out yet she asked me almost daily if it was “octopus game day”.

Then just recently the game came out, and I was able to tell my four year old that it was indeed finally “octopus game day”.  I played through it with her beside me in one two hourish long sitting. I really liked the game. The whole idea of an octopus living life as a human and having a family while not raising suspicion was just so much fun. Also the ridiculous day to day adventures just kept getting more fun as the game went on.

Octodad starts his day a lot like I do

Octodad starts his day a lot like I do


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