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Three Things Microsoft Must Do At E3 2013

The unveiling of the Xbox One was a disaster to say the least. After the press conference, many people felt repulsed more than anything. Microsoft is going into E3 already trailing behind its competitors. If Microsoft isn’t careful, it will lose the next generation console war before it even starts. Microsoft is going to have to blow everyone away at E3 to win back the public opinion.

Games, Games, and More Games

The primary focus of the Xbox One press conference fell on television, not games. That mistake must be fixed at E3. Microsoft needs to show off a plethora of high-quality, first-party software. Childish Kinect games and third-party software won’t do the trick. Anyone who would possibly be interested in Kinect games is not going to be watching the E3 press conference. They might not even know what E3 is. Third-party games might excite gamers, but they will not convince people to buy an Xbox One instead of a PS4. The focus of the Microsoft E3 press conference needs to be on Microsoft’s own titles. Microsoft reportedly has 15 first-party titles coming out in the first year of the Xbox One. The near entirety of the press conference must be focused on these exclusive games if Microsoft is going to win back gamers.

Three Things Microsoft Must Do At E3 2013

New Franchises

In terms of exclusive games, Microsoft trailed its competitors during this generation. New franchises are crucial to Microsoft’s success in the next generation of consoles. While Nintendo and Sony have first-party titles that cover a huge range of genres, Microsoft’s exclusives only cover two major genres. Microsoft keeps shooting and racing fans happy with Halo, Gears of War, and Forza while fans of other genres are left to rely on third-party support if they only have an Xbox. Microsoft needs to have exclusive titles for genres such as role-playing, action-adventure, and platforming to compete with Sony and Nintendo in terms of first-party content. If Microsoft doesn’t expand its first-party development, Sony and Nintendo will be at a huge advantage. Quantum Break looks to be a step in the right direction for Microsoft. If it shows more exciting new franchises like Quantum Break, the current hatred towards the Xbox One will start to fade away.

Three Things Microsoft Must Do At E3 2013

Prove That Microsoft Listens

The most important thing Microsoft has to do if the company has any hope in restoring its relationship with gamers is to prove that the company listens. Gamers have been telling Microsoft what they want for years. Then it just acted as if it never heard any of these people at the unveiling of the Xbox One. Everything that makes gamers complain was shown on a huge pedestal. Since the disastrous reveal, gamers have avidly voice their displeasure with Microsoft. Microsoft needs to show gamers that the company focuses on more than just making money. The many, many complaints that have come as a result of the Xbox One reveal need to be addressed. Even if the answers aren’t what gamers want to hear, Microsoft needs to address all of the concerns with clear and concise answers.

Three Things Microsoft Must Do At E3 2013

With a great E3 press conference, Microsoft can heal the scars that remain as a result of the Xbox One unveiling. By focusing on games instead of television, new franchises instead of old, and first-party content instead of third, Microsoft will prove to gamers that it still has what it takes to find success in the next generation. By making it apparent that it has listened to the criticism and has responded aptly, Microsoft will prove to gamers that it cares about its customers. We will find out if Microsoft can turn the tides and win back the public opinion on Monday, June 10th.


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