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Battlefield 3 (PC)

It’s no secret that Battlefield 3 has a huge following. Fans come from every walk of life and every corner of the globe. The game itself has sold millions of copies within just a few weeks of its release. But what about the game itself? Does it hold up to all the hype it’s been receiving or does it fall short of our expectations? The answer is both.

Battlefield 3, of course, is known for its online multiplayer, so when I saw that a single player mode was available I was more than a little wary. As a fan of single player games, RPG’s in particular, I should have been thrilled. But my wariness proved to be founded. Single player mode was more than a broken and didn’t hold anyone’s attention for long. The story line simply wasn’t there. It just didn’t deliver. There was no reason to keep playing single player past the initial surge of curiosity to see what it was like. Single player mode felt like a completely different game from a separate studio and publisher that for whatever reason got tacked onto Battlefield 3 only a few days before launch. But you can’t have everything in a game, and single player is the sacrificial lamb for Battlefield 3.

There are also co-op missions which can be completed with friends. While these fare much better than single player does, this mode is still far from being as perfected as multiplayer. These are definitely tougher than the far too simple single player, but they still don’t provide enough of a challenge to make them fun. Perhaps if that was the caliber of game that we were used to seeing from Battlefield titles it would be fine, but comparatively, something is still missing.

Multiplayer, however, is a whole different story.

Battlefield has always been known for its multiplayer and Battlefield 3 is no exception. It’s pretty much the sole reason that anyone buys Battlefield titles in the first place. In all the areas where single player was broken, the online multiplayer shined. Maps were large and varied greatly from section to section. In between towns and developed areas were stretches of long, barren land. Exploring was always interesting, and finding cover wasn’t always the easiest, but it’s that realism that goes along with the mass destruction features that Battlefield games are known for that makes it such a good game.

Just like in other Battlefield titles, everything is breakable. Destruction occurs on a grand scale as soon as any battle begins. Building topple. Walls get blown out. And finding suitable cover becomes more and more of chore. It’s realistic graphically speaking. But it is also just plain awesome. Who doesn’t like seeing a multistory building come toppling down after a tank has barreled through the middle of town and shot half its walls out? It’s something that  just never gets old.

This leads us to the next point. Vehicles – in particular those of the flying variety.

Battlefield 3 doesn’t provide any way to practice flying other than during multiplayer matches. While this may not be to everyone’s liking, since flying them is just so difficult, just remember that no one ever said that learning to fly a jet is easy. Sure, it shouldn’t be frustratingly difficult, but everyone needs a little incentive to keep playing Battlefield 3 and improve their in-game skills. Other vehicles aren’t nearly as difficult learn to control and include things like tanks, amphibious vehicles, helicopter, Humvee’s and light armored vehicles. What types of vehicles are available during a match depends on what kind of a map you’re given. Large maps often have tanks and flying vehicles while the smaller maps might only have lightly armored vehicles or Humvee’s.

Overall, Battlefield 3 is fabulous. As long as what you’re looking for is a fantastic online multiplayer FPS game with a realistic battlefield environment and awesome graphics, you’ll love it. If you are looking more for co-op missions and single player than Battlefield 3 may not be for you. But single player and co-op were never what Battlefield was all about in the first place. Still, Battlefield 3 is a great game that deserves all the praise it’s been given.


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